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Our Voyage music and Lyric Challenge

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@ 2010-07-18 17:33:00
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Our Voyage music and Lyric Challenge torry28

Title: Our Voyage
Author: Torr28
Art: Torry28
Word Count: 2,533 aprox.

Disclaimer: None of the Characters are mine, I just borrow them for a little while.No disrespect or harm intended.

Summery: Jack is tired and sick at heart for never having enough time with Ennis. He makes a decision and confronts Ennis.

                                                                       OUR VOYAGE

After many years meeting one or two weeks a year, Jack gives Ennis an ultimatum.
Take a chance and a live together or part company for ever.

"Why can't you just be happy with the way things are, Jack?"

"Because it's just not enough anymore, Ennis, I just can't do this any more, Its my way or no way."

"And what if I say no, you just gonna drive off and never look back?"

"I would, it will break my heart because I love you more than I can say, but Ennis,
sooner or later we will start hating each other."

Ennis wasn't having any of it, he got madder than a trapped Bull in a tight enclosure.
Fears of a different kind enveloped him like a vice, cutting off his breathing, bile rising up in his throat.
The truth stomped over him in combat boots. At last he realized if he didn't choose right,
Jack would walk out of his life and all would be left for him was  a decrepit trailer surrounded by yet another  phantom
to torture him until he lost his mind. "Noooo," he moaned out loud.
He looked at his lover for many years, Jacks eyes so sad and dull, his shoulder hunched over in defeat.

"I guess I got my answer." Jack started to walk away from Ennis,

"Jack wait...I'm so sorry I hurt you so much, all I wanted for us to be safe. Where could we find such a place Jack?
I want it too, I love you, and it kills me every time we go our separate way."

"You love me?" Ennis you don't know how long I waited for you to admit it, please give us a chance, we'll find a place
and not too far so we can see our kids. I promise Baby, I keep you safe, we look out for each other."

Jack walked into Ennis embrace and they both had tears running down their cheeks.

"You called me, Baby." Ennis whispered and lowered his lips to close over Jacks smiling lips.

Jack was all fired up. "We got to make some plans, I have a few places for us to check out,
we still have a few days left here. Why don't we take a ride. I know a place not too far from here, its for sale."

Ennis chewing on his thumbnail, he wasn't convinced, but he trusted Jack with his life.


Jack stood leaning against the kitchen counter staring out the window above the kitchen sink, his hands
immersed in dishwater. A group of trees with dark leaves, shining like burnished metal in the light of the
setting sun.

Ennis stepped up behind him and nuzzled Jacks neck, breezing in his scent he loved so much and never
could get enough of it.

"You wash, I dry, " he whispered in Jacks ear." The sooner we're done the more time we can spend
with the kids on their last night here."


"It was a great summer, wasn't it darling?" The Twist charm sure worked magic on my girls, never saw
Junior and Francine warm up to anyone so fast, especially Francine, I think she is in love with you."


"Something wrong, darling."


"You've been awful quiet throughout dinner, you're not coming down with something?"


Ennis put down the dishtowel and turned Jack to face him.

"Jack, come on, tell me what's going on in that head of yours, and don't tell me nothing, because I know better, now out with it."

Jacks mind scrambled around like a squirrel trying to get out of a cage.

"it''s Bobby."

"Bobby's sick? Why didn't you say so, we'd better get him to the doctor, I call him right now."

"Wait, Ennis." Jack runs after him," Bobby is fine, it's just, he wants to come live with us."

"Jack, damn you, don't scare me like that you know it makes me crazy if any of our kids are hurting."

"I'm sorry Ennis, I just didn't know how to tell you, I didn't know how you'd feel about having Bobby here all the time."

"Jack for one thing he is your son, and if he wants to be with his daddy that's the best thing for him and you. For another,
you should know I love that boy, as if he was my own, and I think he'll do just fine here. I never seen anyone as natural
with animals as is Bobby except for you and me. The girls love the horses but with Bobby, there is something special.
I watch him sometimes, and I swear the horses and he are communicating with each other, it sure is something.
But what about Lureen, is his mama going to be okay with it?"

"Bobby already talked to Lureen, she wasn't to thrilled at first but
she wants whatever makes Bobby happy."

"So you're okay with it, we can tell Bobby?" Jack asked Ennis.

"You bet darling, let's tell him together."

Ennis takes Jack by the arm and starts walking towards the living room.

"Wait, what about the girls, won't they feel hurt. Shouldn't we ask them if they like to move in with us too?"

Ennis stops. "I see what you mean, but Alma would never consider it. Look how I had to fight tooth and nail just to have the girl a few days this summer. Thanks to Monroe she finally gave in."

"He's a nice guy."

"Yes he is and nice to my girl, they really like him, according to my youngest, not as much as they like you."

Jack grinned, feeling all warm inside, he picked up a tray of brownies, baked earlier in the day by Junior and Francine.
Assisted by Bobby, who licked the bowl clean and asked every five minutes.

"Are they done yet?"

The kids sat around the table looking at an assortment of games,  trying to decide on the one they'd  try first.

"Everyone ready for dessert?" Jack called out as he and Ennis entered the room.

"I am!!" The Threesome shouted.

"What would you like to do tonight?" Ennis asked as he sat down between Junior and Francine."Watch TV, play cards, any suggestions?"

Francine jumped up."We want a story, Jack please."

Jacks cheeks turned pink, he was pleased to be asked, he sure loved telling stories, making them up sins he was a little,
lonely boy,

Why thank you sweetheart, what would you like to hear?"

Both girls immediately said. "The story about you and daddy and how you build up this ranch."

Ennis groaned. "Not again!!"

He new the kids loved the way Jack told their story, thank the Lord, leaving out some events and embellishing others.
Sometimes, to Ennis' embarrassment, getting the leaving out and embellishing parts mixed up.

"Please Daddy, Jack?"

"How about you Bobby, you have a choice too, what would you like to do?"

"I don't mind, I like hearing it too.It gets better each time daddy tells it." He looked at Ennis and grinned, making Ennis
chuckle earning himself a murderous look form Jack.

Jack clears his throat. "Alright than, but before I start, there is something Ennis and I like to discuss with all three of you."

He looked at Bobby and then at Junior and Francine.

"Bobby asked if he could come and live with us, the answer is yes. It was what I hoped for and never thought it would happen."
He looked over at Bobby with a big smile and winked at him, Bobby mouthed, "Thank you" to his dad and Ennis.
"Ennis and I like to have all of you here and not just for a short visit" Jack continued. "How about it girls, would you want to?"

Junior spoke up first. Thank you daddy, Jack. There isn't anything l like more than to live here with you, I love it here and love you both so much. But mama would pitch a fit and I don't feel I can cope with her and trying to concentrate on my schooling. I very much want to finish at the same school and graduate with my friends. After that, if the offer is still open, I love to come live with you.
Get a part time job and go to collage, get a degree in teaching, that's if I can afford it. Monroe said he would help out some. But I don't know."

"Sweetheart, come here" Jack reached out to Junior and she quickly snuggled into his arms."You know your daddy and I will do everything to help you, all of you, no matter what it. Isn't that right Ennis."

All eyes are on Ennis who squirms in his chair. "You bet." He says with conviction, but on the inside, wondering if they would be able to do all Jack promised, but knowing his Jack, no one could make dreams come true better than his Jack.

"Francine honey, what about you?" Ennis asked his youngest.

"Me, Oh I appreciate you both wanting us here, and I really do love it here, it is the prettiest place I ever seen. But daddy, I want to travel, see the world and write about it and my experiences. I'm not ready to settle anywhere for a very long time."

"That's fine darling, what ever makes you happy, we'll be here for you when ever you ready."

"Thank you daddy, Jack, I just hope I make you proud of me."

"You already have, all three of you. And now, if everyone is ready, I will tell the story of Ennis and Jack Twist."
Ennis glared at him, Jack grinned, "Sorry Jack and Ennis Del Mar. Applause Please? Thank you."

Jack acknowledged his captive audience with an exaggerated bow.
Ennis just shook his head hiding a smile, Jack caught it and winked at him grinning from ear to ear.

Suddenly Ennis stood up, picked up his guitar, He took Jack by the hand and walked him over to a chair.

"Sit down Darling, nobody can tell our story better than you, and I'm not trying to take that pleasure away from you.
Do you mind very much Jack, if this one time, I tell it?"

Jack looked a little hurt and confused, but he shook his head, no.

"Of course not, you go right ahead, lets hear it for Ennis Del Mar." Jack stood up and applauded to the cheers of the kids.

Ennis smiled his endearing crooked smile. "Thank you, you all know I'm not much of a talker."

"Ain't that the truth." Jack mumbled. Ennis gave him 'I get you later look' Jack mouthed, 'Sorry'.
"So instead I'm going to sing it to you, if there are no more interruptions from the P-Nut Gallery."

Ennis grinned at Jack winked at him and began to run his fingers across the guitar strings.
Jack was as surprised as were the kids, he loved Ennis' voice and it was rare indeed when Ennis would perform in front of anyone, family or not.

"This is our Voyage, and with Gods grace will continue for eternity," He looked at Jack with so much love in his eyes it brought tears to Jack. Everyone hung on his lips, waiting for the first notes and once Ennis began to sing, Jacks eyes lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July.
His heart was so full of love for his man, he thought it would burst. His deep voice and the look in his eyes cast a spell over Jack, he prayed would never be broken.


                             I am a sailor and you're my first mate
                         We signed on together, we coupled our fate
                       We hauled up our anchor determined not to fail
                           For the heart's treasure together we sail

                 With no maps to guide us we steered our own course
                We road out the storms when the winds were gale force
                     We sat out the doldrums in patience and hope
                        Working together we learned how to cope

                              Life is an ocean, love is a boat
                           In troubled waters it keeps us afloat
                              When we started our voyage
                               There was just me and you
                  Now gathered 'round us we have our own crew

             Together we're in this relationship
       We've build it with care to last a whole trip
      Our true destination's not marked on a chart
       We've navigating for the shores of our heart

              Life is an ocean, love is a boat
           In troubled waters it keeps us afloat
               When we started our voyage
                There was just me and you
     Now gathered ' round us we have our own crew

Jack and the kids wrapped themselves around Ennis like static filled socks.
Ennis was laughing, he never felt happier holding the four people he loved more than anything in the world.

"Alright, it's late, the sun will be up before you know it , lets get some sleep, you all have a long day ahead of you."

Junior and Francine kissed Ennis and Jack.


"Good night daddy, dad, thank you for a wonderful time."

Bobby gave his dad a hug and Ennis, who was surprised but very touched.

After the kids left to go upstairs to their rooms, Ennis looked at Jack and saw tears rolling down his face.

"Come here, little darling, " and he wrapped Jack in his arm, "we still have Bobby, and the girls come to visit again soon."

"Did you hear it Ennis, they called me Dad, your girls called me Dad."

"My girls fell in love with you. You are one of the sexiest, most beautiful, kind heart-ed man I have ever known
and the girls see what I saw so many years ago.They couldn't resist that Twist charm any more than I could. I love you so much, Darling. Thank you for believing in us, thank you for never giving up on me."

Ennis gently kissed Jack on his lips. Jack took Ennis' hand in his and together the walked to their own private world, closing the door gently behind them.

"Francine? Junior whispered, "are you asleep?"

"No" she whispered back, then yawning audibly.

"What are you going to write about? I adore love stories, do you?"

"That's going to be my first story, the gradates love story ever"

"OH, what you going to call it?"

"Our Voyage"

"Your going to write about Daddy and Jack?"

"I am, I can't think of a more beautiful love story, can you."

"I surely can't, I bet its going to win the Pulitzer prize. Good night Franny, love you."

"Good night sis, love you more."

Francine saw herself walk across a red, plush carpet towards a handsome Prince, waiting to hand her the prize for her first published book.Turning her head to the side smiling at her Daddy and Jack, Bobby and her sister, on the other side her mama, Monroe and her little twin brothers, all of them smiling back at her with pride as she courtesies to the prince and accepts her award.
Funny, the prince looked a lot like Bobby.

"Could happen." She whispered to herself, and smiling she snuggled under the soft comforter and quickly fell asleep.

The End

The lyrics for the song are written by Johnny Duhan
The song is performed below by George, one of the Celtic Thunder singers.






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