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Greenfields BBM art torry28

Again my apologies for the problems of pictures not showing up.
I had a great deal of trouble with LJ last  night and re-posted and edited
it over and over and aparently it was still night right.
I decided to delete and start over, unfortunately your precious comments went as well.
I hard copied all of your comments and wrote them here. I hope it is alright and this works now.
I posted the same last night on brokebackslash and there was no problem, go figure.

Here goes.

First I like to apologize for not thanking you,
remeciel krokomaus hampshirerose loreent i_o_r_h_a_e_l 
gwylliondream jacks_key trekfan liseron 
vea_68 wanderingsmith destinyjoined androlie 
for the very nice comments on my last entry. I am sorry I was going in for surgery
on the 21th and was not to chipper for a spell. I appreciate each and
every one of you very much.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my next entry is for all of you.

Once there were green fields

Kissed by the sun

Once there were valleys,
    Where rivers used to run

Once there were blue skies
   Whit white clouds up above

Once they were part
   Of an everlasting love

We were the lovers
   Who strolled through green fields

Green fields are gone now
   Parched by the sun
Gone from the valleys
   Where rivers used to run

Gone with the cold wind
   That swept into my heart

Gone with the lovers
   Who let their dreams depart

Where are the green fields
   That we used to roam

I'll never know
   What made you run away

How can I keep searching
   When dark clouds hide the day

I only know there's nothing here for me
   Nothing in this wide world, left for me to see

Still I keep waiting
   Until you return

I keep on waiting
  Until the day you learn

You can't be happy
   While your heart's on the roam

You can't be happy until you bring it home
   Home to the green fields and me once again

"Welcome home Love"
  " Good to be back, Darling

Song by " Brothers Four "

 Comments by:
krokomaus OMG - I hope surgery went well. Some days ago I was wondering why I didn't hear from you.
Now I know.*hugs you very tight* Get well soon!

The drawings are wonderful. Especially these with the horses on. I like them very much. Thanks
a lot for sharing.
Love and hugs,

Me: Thank you Dagi. I won't know for sure if it all went ok, time will tell. As far as the doctors:
"It looks good, the skin graft is taking, see you back in 10 days"
Love you too,

siri2000  Oh you must have been drawing for nights! Very well done, they tell a whole story of
togetherness and missing each other.

Me: When you not allowed to do much except lie around and feel utterly useless, sketching is my
only outlet, and sketching these men into each others arms my fantasy.
Thank you for your lovely comment.

remeciel I didn't know you had to go to the hospital! What was it for? *hugs tightly*

And thank you so much  for dedicating for all of us such a lovely post.
I can't say how much I'm feeling special after looking at it. Thank you. : )

Me : It was cancer on my face, thank God not melanoma but still it was very deep
and required a surgeon and skin craft. It really isn't as bad  according to them but I am very self conscious.
My husband calls it vain, ha, from someone who keeps asking "You sure this looks ok ? "
when he is ready to go to a meeting and such.
Thank you for caring . I know you are very busy with your new adventure ,
but I still miss the marauders and there last year in school.

Love to you and your partner.

bcatjr Hi!!!
You drew all those pics? They are amazing...Such effort you put into these.
I am impressed. I'm so behind on reading and commenting. I've seen these pictoral stories show up in my inbox,
but passed over them to catch up at a later time. But these stopped me in my tracks today.

Great job, and thank you for sharing!!

Me: Thank you for taking the time and commenting,  it means a great deal to me. I know it must be very trying
to juggle RL with what you love to do. I'm retired and wonder sometimes how I got done all the things while I was working .
And now I feel pressed for time.

gwylliondream  Torry, that was beautiful and sad *sniff*. You are an amazing artist.
Thank you for being here and sharing your talent with us. I hope your surgery was a success
and that you are feeling much better.


Me: Thank you Donna very much for liking my pictures and for wishing me well.
I do hope your pending surgery will be over with soon. I know looking forward to an ordeal such as that is scary as hell.
I keep you in my thoughts and pray it will all work out for you and nothing happens to you.


Love and many hugs,

nebelfeld  Hello torry,

I hope you are feeling better after surgery!
Your drawings are truly beautiful and the text is,
well how should I describe it, it extremely reminds me
of my unfinished story...and I'm so sorry about not
being able to continue it at the moment.

Liebe Grusse, Tine.
Me: Thank you Tine, I was wondering why you haven't continued to write,
but I know all to well how RL situations can put the cabasch to all good intentions.
Give yourself time the story is much to beautiful to put out of mind and I don't mind waiting.

Viele Liebe Gruesse und ich hoffe Dein Sontag und die kommenten Wochen sind sehr schoen.


hampshirerose Torry, these are awesome! I love them all but particularly 5,10, 11 and the last one.
5 is one of my favorite scene (along with everyone else! ) 10 and 11 I think it's the way they actually seem to move that draws me back to them. The last one makes me happy!
Please don't ever worry about not replying - your post always "speaks" to me!
I hope you feel much better now.
Take care
Rose x

Me: Thank you Rose, you don't know how much your comment means to me. To actually have some one else see
what I see thats quite a complement.  I always loved that scene in 5, the shyness of Ennis is so appealing and the gentleness
of Jack to help him overcome it, what a lovely moment.

I do feel bad when I don't respond to all of the kindness by all of you readers and even when I don't comment on stories I read,
  I don't want to appear ungrateful, because I truly am. I try my best, but somtimes RL just won't let you do all you want.


trekfan Hi Torry,

I loved these pieces but I had problems getting the artwork to come up after the SNIT scene.
The others all came up as the last drawing you did. None of them would come up as the once you have posted here when i clicked on them to make them bigger.

They are lovely as all your work is.


Me: Sorry Linda, I deleted it all and started over.  I hope this works this time because I was so frustrated
last night I was about to not post at all. I posted the same to brokebackslash and it was alright,
so I don't know why I had such a problem with LJ.
Thank you for commenting and I hope you can emerge out of the snow  with not to much damage.
I love the snow just forgot how living in it is so much more difficult than seeing it in a picture.
I remember as a child having to climb out of a window to remove the snow from the door to be able to get out
let alone go anywhere . I can't remember snowplows at that time. Just a lot of muscle and hard work.
Of course for us kids it was a ball.
I wish I could send you some sunshine but it is raining here.


jacks_key  Beautiful

Me: Thank you Vicki, I'm so glad you like it. I miss your writing. 
I hope you will meet up with our Baseball players for Valentines day
or a Valentine Angel?



got a link glitch from 'We were the lovers who strolled through green feelds' everything is going
to gallery for the last pic.

favs: first two. lasso. Ennis left behind. Ennis sitting sadly. Jack looking down from the dark sky.
and the last one, good work with the faces. very much looks like them in the motel so young.

Me: I redid they entire post so I hope it is fixed or I will cut my throat. Grrr

Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me. I tried to fit as much likeness to the beautiful words
of that song when I heard it,  my mind immediately switched over to Ennis and Jack.
Seems almost every song I listen to does that to me now. You know sometimes you hear a song and it just won't
leave you alone? my problem is the pictures that I see along with it and me trying to transfer it on paper
as good or better than I see it in my head.

Thank you again,


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