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Each Time I See Your Picture art torry28

     In Memory of Heath Ledger, painfully missed.

                      Each time I see your picture
                       A flood of memories starts
     And the blue tide that's rising around my feet
                      Is breaking inside my heart
             And though I fight with all of my might
                      The burning desire remain
                  For each time I see your picture
                         I lose my heart again

               I hide the frame to shut out the pain
                Then wake up searching the dark
                  Oh I just can't rest until I caress
           The cold glass that's holding my heart
                I haven't yet learned how to forget
                  And the burning desire remain
                 For each time I see your picture
                        I lose my heart again.


Song "Each Time" by Ray Price


Jan. 20th, 2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
Aw Adela , darling : I was so sad today , thinking about Heath very deeply , so as you can guess these wonderful drawings of yours totally touch my heart .

Your Art shows so well how much you still feel strong about him , and I'm glad to see that in your mind Jack and him are always together , I know this thought has always been a great comfort to you .
All these drawings are wonderful Chérie , your hand is so sure now , and you begin to appreciate the use of the color , it's a good thing !:))

Bravo to you , I know better than anyone all the love that you put into these drawings . I hope you continue for a long time , it's a relieve for the mind and the sorrow .

I hugs you tight , thinking of you,