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Happy Birthday Jake art Torry 28


Happy Birthday Jake,           

I wish you Love, I wish you joy, I wish you success.            

Love, Torry


Dec. 21st, 2009 08:13 am (UTC)
Hi Love ! :) I can't believe the way you improve any time you make a new Portrait now , it was so quick !
It's obvious that you worked a lot : work work work ! It's all that counts ! :D
Did you know what Picasso answered when people spoked to him about his genious ? " Oh yeah , genious right . Let's say it's more like 10% genious and 90% sweat ! " :D lol .
Work Babe , all the more for us who are not Picasso :)

Your Portraits always have this particular kind of sweetness that I like so much . I guess it's all because of the way you hold and use your pencil .
It's a great part of the style for an artist .

I send you a lot of love and hugs Sweetheart ( hope you get my package soon :) )
Je t'embrasse
Mireille .