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It's Over ( bbm art ) ( torry28 )


I have the girls this month, I'm sorry Jack.

Sure, Ennis, see you next month, I guess.

I'm calling to tell you it's over,
yes cowboy, you're now free to go.
You're saying you sorry you hurt me,
But you hurt me much more then you know.
You're asking me where this call comes from.
Oh, I hope you won't end up here.

I'm just on the blue side of lonesome
Right next to the Heartbreak Hotel
In a tavern that's known as Three Teardrops
On the bar stool, not doing so well.

The floor has a carpet of sorrows,
Yet no one can weep in the aisle.
And they say someone broke the bar mirror,
With only the ghost of a smile.
The hands on the clock never alter,
For things never change in this place.
There's no present, no past, no future,
We're the ones who have lost in loves race.


Hello Lil' Darlin ! !                                        Ennis??

                        The next morning

I've had my share of life's ups and down
But fate's been kind the downs have been few
I guess you could say that I've been lucky
Oh, I guess you could say that it's all because of you

If anyone should write my life story
For whatever reason there might be
Between each line of pain and glory
You're the best thing that ever happened to me

Oh...there have been times when times were hard
But somehow we made it through.
For each moment I spend away from you
There is a moment just loving you.
Cause you the best thing that ever Happened to me.

First song by Jim Reeves
Second song by Ray Price

If you want to know what happened between Hello Lil' Darlin and the next morning?
Well... can you keep a secret? Me too.

Happiness to all,


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