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East meets North ( art ) not bbm related (torry28)

  I adore fairytales, imagined and not so imagined characters.
                                  A happy forever love.

As the remaining Celtic tribes struggled against the Roman invaders.
Young Prince Conor discovered his father's tribe has been overtaken by
power-hungry King Carl and his evil wife Queen Britany.
As Conor flees his land to find refuge in the land of his fathers beloved friend
and his daughter Miranda, he meets someone who will lead him to a destiny,
he never expected.


Dastan: " I do not wish to harm you,      Conor: " You have a high opinion of
but if you reach for that sword,                 your own swordsmanship,
I will stop you before you stab me."        Dastan of the Desert Sands.
                                                                       Shall we put it to the test?" 

Dastan: " Why risk damaging to such fine weapons, when we could settle the
matter with a wager of skill, a throw of the knife?"

Conor: " I accept the challenge, Prince Dastan."

Dastan: " You seem to know who I am, but you have failed to give me equal
pleasure to know yours."

Conor: " Forgive me, my Lord. Conor, Prince of the Celtic tribe.
Your dagger, it has lost all its sand, everyone knows the legend of the sand,
even as far north as my home."

Dastan: " A dagger that can turn back the time."

Conor: " What else does the legend say?"

Dastan: " Only that it is worthless now that it is empty."

Conor: " Do not dispair my Prince, I know someone who can be of help."

Dastan: " You do, Then take me to him."

Conor: " It is a she, Sir."

Dastan: " Surly you jest, a wench? no doubt a sorceress in the bargen."

Conor: " Yes a woman, but no sorceress, she is of noble birth, a Princess."

Dastan: " Very well then, take me to your princess."

Conor: " She is not my Princess, my Lord, although our fathers wished it to
be so. The female loveliness does not pleasure me as much as the sight of
the male figure."

Dastan: " Friend, those are words that warm my heart more then the sun
could heat the shifting sands of the desert. Come closer,
I wish to see the color of your eyes."

Conor: " They are just plain as the earth you stand upon, not like the brilliant
blue which has reached the depth of my soul."

Dastan: " Nothing plain about the earth my friend, it gives life, it is warm,
changes with the seasons but is loyal, loving, a mistery but eager to be
explored to be caressed taken care of, it takes but gives back so much more.
Come, I will show you."

The traveled for several days towards their destany when Dastan suggested 
a nights rest. The lush trees, a carpet of colorful blooms the surounding mountains
and the cristal clear lake a welcome haven for two tired travelers.
Conor was in full agreement.
They spend the day chasing each other in the madows, swim and catch some fish for
their evening meal. Loved each other and held each other throughout the night.


"ANA behibak, my Prince.                    "Moleannan, tha gaol agam ort.
I love you, in my language."                 Beloved, I love you too."

                       Conor: " Ani shel ahuvi sheli."

                      Dastan: " What does it mean, Conor?"


Conor : " I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

                                           The End





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