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The Fisherman and his Bait art torry28

  Not to long ago Siri 2000 wrote a short story called
                            "The Novice"
  When I first read it in German I loved it right away,
  after Debra and I translated it into English it was clear
  everyone loved it and wanted more.

Here is my lure I'm casting out to Siri and hope I snare her
and won't release her until she at least tries and give us
another shot at the Fisherman and his Bait, to me they are both
fisherman angling to catch the others heart. I would love to read about it.
wouldn't you?

                        Jack                and                 Ennis


Jul. 16th, 2009 04:53 am (UTC)
i swore i replied to this via email...! yes, the scrunchy faces he made were so.... weird!

the story by camilla sounds cool. it must be "the wedding" that you mention here.

hopefully the boys will enjoy new york. it's a little to soon to know for sure.

i'm reading the novice right now ~ i never heard of this author. thanks!