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Sweetly flows the water from the mountain
Softly falls the rain upon the leaves
Gently blows the breeze among the cedars
Quietly my heart is on its knees.

How could anything in all creation
Be more beautiful then all I see
With it all my heart is not rejoicing
Because the one I love is not with me.

Somewhere in between us was a difference
Not we or all this beauty could secure
And I know now my heart will ache forever
And I wonder if this mountain can endure.

So I'm leavin' for the flatlands
Goin' back where I was conceived
Goin' back where nobody knows the difference
This mountain knows too much about me.

I thought it was written up in heaven
That you would be with me and I with you
Sun and moon and stars must feel the difference
They're wishin' there was somethin' they could do.

So I'm leavin' for the flatlands
Goin' back where I was conceived
Goin' back where nobody knows the difference
This mountain knows too much about me.
This mountain knows too much about me....

Song by Don Williams


Jun. 24th, 2009 03:05 pm (UTC)
Ah Mireille, I'm so happy you showed up, You scare me when I don't hear from you. And thank you for intensifying my drawing, I have to know how you did it, Since my sketches do always look so faded after scanning. I joined Deviant Art just hadn't done anything about it. I've been watching artists on DA for years. I love to sketch children and frequently use my little grand rug-rats as models, that little one sprinting with the logo on her shirt ",I love my daddy" is one of my great-granddaughters, I use her a lot. And yes, Heath/Ennis will always be in my heart, I never known anyone who inspired me as much to keep drawing, and there is scarcely a song to which I listen to will somehow take me back to BBM and to a specific time.
Thank you and much love to you.
Jun. 24th, 2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
Hey hon , I sent you a PM 5 days ago , in which one I put a link with the Pics of some cards I'm gonna send you one day...when my HUb will be able to make it to the POst-Office !
I already wrote the cards , and so I took Pics of what I wrote to you ...
You have to tell me if you can't find your PM !!!

I will give you tips for make your drawings more 'visible' or you sent them to me and I just do it love , it's so easy I do it all the time !:)

hugs !
Jun. 24th, 2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
Dearest Mireille, I looked in my in-box, out-box, send-box, delete-box and finally the very special Mireille-Box and I don't see your PM. I know if I had I would have send a reply. I don't know what happened. I asked my server if by chance it is stuck on there end but nothing is held back, a mystery, sorry. But please don't chase sweet Hubby to the post office I can wait, no hurry. I know you care and that's more to me then anything else. About the scanning, well my drawings are never bigger then legal letter size except for the colored one of Jake I did once and I used a camera and made a copy and then scanned the copy, how dumb, I should have just used the picture because I lost even his beautiful blue eye color the way I did it. I do need some help. For another reason not to go so large is space, this way I can store them in an album, which probably is not a good thing either storing them in plastic sleeves.I could use a lot of help and I welcome anything you have to suggest or teach me.
Much love to you.