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For Carole.


Happy  Birthday Carole   

            Shadows of The Night.

It's 3 in the morning,
the rain like butterfly kisses
And sleet caresses the roof.
And I  am absent sleep
I watch a fly seek the sun
Inside the shade of a black desk lamp.
And remove it with the flick of my finger.
It is gone into the long dark night.

As go the shades of thousands
Round the globe
In the early morning hours.
Empty, Empty their minds. Empty their souls,.
Empty their bodies now.

Distracted by voices that shuffle in my head
I turn my eyes inward
Turn my mind outward
To feel the images of life.
And what some call,
The call of the dead.

I see souls leaving bodies in hospital rooms.
Some smile with relief.
Others fight the dread
Of the long dark night.

Their silent screams lay heavy
In the twilight world.
Between worlds
of ignorance and stifled minds.

Their bodies go still
Go cold
Go to ground.
Like cast off leaves
In the autumn shuffle
Such is life.

And in another hospital room
Or a savage hut
A woman with sweat on her brow
Her face contorted
Her belly engorged
By the fruit of love

Or was it lust?
And breathes as hard or harder
Than the moment that brought her thus.
Her eyes too roll back inside her head
She shudders a last long breath.

And from her womb,
That still dark place of love
Into the light
Emerges life's Antidote to death.
A child
A boy
A girl
A soul
That died (they say)
In another body
Another time
A time long gone or yet to be
Or was it yesterday?

Thus, says a voice inside my head,
The spiral of life
Like the storming tornado
Or the autumn winds of change
Will tear leaves from the trees
That in the dawn of spring
Each soul for which we grieve
May live again.

Foe life goes on forever
In the ebbing and flowing
Tides of time.
Seeing thus, I welcome
The dawning light
For my inner visions
Have helped me through
The shadows of the night.

 By  Michael Knight

Miss you.
Tags: dedicated to carole
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