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chocolate art torry 28

I'm not entering the chocolate drabble contest just wanted to play along
the only way I know with pictures.
Borrowed the characters from Anni,
No offence to her or the Actors portraying the same.

Warning : Nudity

"Hey bud, that was some great tasting chow you fixed, how about
we clean up some and dessert is on me."

"Oh, yea? What is this dessert, you've been holding out on me?"

"A little hint for you Rodeo, starts with "C" and ends with "Oh, God."

"That good,  woowee, can't wait."


"Hey, wait up cowboy, where the hell your going?!!!"

"Better hurry,  before its all washed away."

"Chocolate? Ennis !!! Oh, God !!!"



May. 5th, 2009 10:01 am (UTC)
"A little hint for you Rodeo, starts with "C" and ends with "Oh, God." LOL
Thank you, Torry!
I didn’t play in the chocolate contest, or I’d have started craving for some and my cellulite doesn’t need it, especially now that summer is starting. :) But I’m very happy that you shared this funny piece with us!
Loads of love
May. 22nd, 2009 08:18 am (UTC)
Hi Tina, it was fun to do, I am a chocoholic but have restrained my sell from indulging to frequently.Better imagine someone else getting the benefit of a chocolate fix. And what sweeter image than one moaning Ennis and happy grinning Jack.
Sorry for taking so long to thank you for commenting.