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He's Watching (can) (art) (torry28)


                       He's Watching.  

Within the dark sky above, I see a sign
Within the distant clouds, I see a friend of mine
And  then as the shadows disappear
He smiles at me and I know,
He's watching

H lives within the heaven and he lives within my mind
All I can feel is the love he left behind
Then he will whisper in my ear
He tells me I should know
He's watching

And now I'm grown old
I'm strengthened by the tears I've never shown
I'm strengthened by the years I've never known
Once afraid of facing them alone
And every day I have some place to go
I've traveled very far from the life I used to know
But still when I close my eyes and dream
I feel him near and I know
He's Watching me.

By Peter Cincotti.
Tags: he's watching (can) (art) (tory28)
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