Happy Birthday Wishes, torry28

 I will be gone for a while and don't want to miss wishing
everyone in September a very Happy Birthday.

Verena, I did send your card by air, not by Pony Express, it
should be there on your Birthday, I hope.
Debra and Teri, your card will be in the mail soon.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Love to all.

Our Voyage music and Lyric Challenge

torry28 ([info]torry28) wrote in bmm_drabbles,
@ 2010-07-18 17:33:00
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Our Voyage music and Lyric Challenge torry28

Title: Our Voyage
Author: Torr28
Art: Torry28
Word Count: 2,533 aprox.

Disclaimer: None of the Characters are mine, I just borrow them for a little while.No disrespect or harm intended.

Summery: Jack is tired and sick at heart for never having enough time with Ennis. He makes a decision and confronts Ennis.

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Forget-me-not Memorial Day torry28

      Fort Rosecrans Cemetery San Diego California

                     When you're lost in thought
                  As you make it through your day

                            I am one who fought
                   And was scarred along the way

                       For the freedom bought
                   With the lives one can't repay

                     When your child is taught
                      To remember yesterday

                          When the day is hot
              And you bend your knees to pray

                          Yes I heard the shot
                         But I did not run away

                                I 'm a patriot
                        Remember me today

                            Author unknown

God bless the men and woman who gave their life's for us
and protect the once still keeping it safe.



Greenfields BBM art torry28

Again my apologies for the problems of pictures not showing up.
I had a great deal of trouble with LJ last  night and re-posted and edited
it over and over and aparently it was still night right.
I decided to delete and start over, unfortunately your precious comments went as well.
I hard copied all of your comments and wrote them here. I hope it is alright and this works now.
I posted the same last night on brokebackslash and there was no problem, go figure.

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